Tom Shavit
Internet expert
Hi, my name is Tom Shavit and thank you for checking my about page.

I am a young entrepreneur,
In my early twenty's,
Finished my military duties as an officer.

Right after I finished my military service,
I went on a big trip with a friend the right post-army vacation I needed.

When I came back home,
I had to start to provide myself with income.

I looked up on the internet "How to make money online",
and I was overwhelmed from all of the information available.
I didn't know where to start and I wasn't sure what kind of Online Business I'd like to create.

Let me tell you a bit about me before my military service.

From the age of 2, I was on the computer (Windows-Dos).

I remember there was an animals game with a blue background.
As years go by, I was more connected to the computer and I knew what I wanted... 


I knew exactly from where to get any video game in the market.

I never learned any coding or technical stuff...
The only time I took a programming course was in HTML and it was in 4th grade.
I never really used it, so I don't remember much

When the PSP, Iphone, PS3 came out I knew how to jailbreak them, and made money doing it to other people.

It was so simple for me because all I needed to do is to work with a step by step guides.

Guides, that most people don't know where to find or when they find, they are too afraid to use it.

Long story short, I never thought of making money from it, it just happened.
I always thought about computers and surfing the Online Web as only hobbies.
I didn't learn it at school and didn't want to work at it.

While I was in the army (almost 5 years), I kinda stopped being updated about what's happening in the Online Web.

After my post-army trip, I thought to myself, "I will make money from the Internet!"
I was good at it (6 years ago), I can earn income from it.

But, many things have changed over the years.
Different advertisements, designs, devices and more!

At first, I was really overwhelmed, just like a caveman discovering the iPhone...

I found something called Affiliate Marketing.

I was searching Affiliate Marketing in more than 30 different websites and sources.

Some named it differently, some taught it with one strategy, some didn't talk about Affiliate Marketing directly - they showed more about having a blog.

I did take a small Affiliate Marketing course, but it only added around 10% of what I already knew (a bit lame course. . .).

The moment I started my project, it took me about 2 weeks to make my first $ commission.
I was so excited! You get the feeling you can conquer the world! (you can.)

I made more small money (around $150) but I was working so hard with a small return...

Without blaming anyone, only myself...

I can say there are too many people who think they know how to do Affiliate Marketing, and mislead lots of other people, because of that, people think it is impossible and it’s a scam.

It took me literally more than a year to fully understand what it takes and free myself from the hard work.

So, I organized the important knowledge into My Program.

There are two things I want to tell you...

Thank you for reading my short story (I feel more connected with you right now).
If you'll need any help, don't hesitate to contact me. I won't bite ;)

Let's connect at My Facebook Page or send me a message at tom(at)

Wish you all the best!

Tom Shavit

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