How I Generate Income With Affiliate Marketing In Only 3 Hours, Of Work A Day!
Who Else is ready to Grow Big and Win, with Passive Income in 2017?
This is your year to go big and win! 
It is all here for you inside My Program.
The program, in a nutshell, is to give you a massive advantage, navigate you through, and to get you over the finish line, when it comes to making money online.
The overall content of the eBook is covered with pictures and links to web-pages for further guidance.
eBook Format
The eBook is in PDF format meaning, you can open it with:
  • Any browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera and etc.
  • Software such as Foxit Reader, Adobe, Microsoft Office.
  • You can open it with your smartphone, tablet and smart TV.
The total pages inside the eBook are 86 pages, you can go on the summary of the content below. 
Who Is This Program For?
  •  If you want to take life by the hands and create yourself a steady stream of income online.
  •  If you don't know where to start with your entrepreneur journey.
  •  If you've been struggling with your Online Business.
  •  If you want to find new ways to generate income and to learn new online skills.
Who Isn't This Program For?
  •  People who don't believe in the power of the online web.
  •  People who are searching for a "Magic Button" that will through money at them.
  •  People who dream and dream and keep dreaming, never doing . . .
Summery Of Content
Starts With:
  •  How an Online Business works.
  •  What is Affiliate Marketing, Roles, Networks and more must-know information.
  •  Examples of sites that generating income from Affiliate Marketing.
  •  With analyzing how and what they are doing.
The Formula
  •  How to find people who are willing to pay us for our "work", and how to work with networks that mediate between us and merchants.
(Note: If you have a business, this will allow you to learn how partners see your offer and how to approach them and stand out so that partners will want to direct traffic to you).
  •  How to Build a System and what to do in order to build the best one. 
  •  How the whole matter of transferring people from one place to another, and what every kind of movement is considered.
  •  How to Improve Your Earnings into new heights.
Managing & Tracking
  • How to have a 99% control on your Affiliate Marketing Business with the lowest chance to fail.
  • How to transfer your tasks to other people around the world easily, quickly and inexpensively (say, $5 for a task).
  •  How to allocate yourself more time, until you'll work less than 3 hours a day.
  •  A full list of resources, tools and freebies you need, organized in subjects.
But That's Not All ...
I want to make sure that the program will answer your wildest wishes, so I also
decided to add a few bonuses (honestly, just for them worth joining today):
  • Free Updates For Lifetime
  • Future versions of the book and additions to the book will be given to you for free.
  • (Former buyers - all updates have been sent to you for free)
  •  Secret Facebook Group - Family
  • Anyone who join My Program will join the Secret Family Group.
  • Helping each other to break the revenue into new heights.
  •  More Bonuses
  • There are more bonuses I have not mentioned and I will add even more for free according to what I feel can help.
Your Investment In The Program
If My Program was a Full Course with a Hand-Held Instruction...

It would be priced at around $3000-$4000 per purchaser...

But since everything is delivered in an eBook and on webpages, I decided to lower the price significantly.

I priced the program at $ 690, a price I think is a bargain for the what you get.
But that's not the price I'll ask you to pay today.
Let's face it.

My expenses are far from the expenses of a mini-course.

I have no teaching staff or 24/7 support (soon to be).

Creating a digital book allows me to give a much more competitive price that no one can compete with otherwise.

The price of the eBook is more symbolic to the amount of knowledge you'll get.

And there are reasons why it's not a free eBook:
  •  If you'll pay you will take it more seriously - people who pay, pay attention.
  •  By paying you'll commit to it, and not forget about it.
  •  It is my value to give you, I worked on it to be perfectly suited to everyone who wants to succeed.
So, I decided to price the eBook at the lowest price I can, without making it look cheap and worthless. 

Also, I want it to be affordable so...

I priced it around the cost of a fancy dinner meal, which is: only $97.

This deal is definitely one-time, non recurring!

My Program will never be sold again under these conditions.
This is a one-time purchase. There are NO monthly payments
Digital delivery via secure member's area page/by email.
You'll Receive Your Order Instantly Even If It's 3:00 A.M!
There Is NO Catch!
I know there are some websites out there that offer you something cool for free, but then stick you into some program that charges your card every month.
This isn't one of them.
The program is PURE Knowledge, Tools & Resources to help you GROW BIG and WIN!
In case you're wondering why I'm doing this...
Well, there are actually a few reasons... 

  • I tend to remember the time when I was in your shoes... and I'd like to help as much as I can.
  •  Because (unlike other "guru's") I don't make all of my money from My Program (I actually run real Affiliate Marketing campaigns)... so because of that, it doesn't hurt me to share with you my knowledge.
  •  Also, there is competition everywhere, on every market or niche, so it doesn't affect my chances to win my competitors (bring it on =]).
In Addition!
Here Is My "You've Gotta Be Crazy" Guarantee

The refund policy:

I take the refund policy very seriously, even though My Program is very inexpensive for what you get. 
I take care of everyone inside My Program like family, and I want people who are committed like I am, a serious-minded getting money online.
My Program is designed to walk anyone through the steps to get their first $1000 in 30 days.

If you read the eBook, take the action, follow the instructions and effectively use the Program, and do not earn $1K within the next 60 days, then I will give you a full immediate refund, and let you keep the eBook materials as an apologize for wasting your time.
100% Money Back Guarantee
60 Days
That's right. 
Just message me and I'll give you back your money with no question asked.

Sounds fair?
This Is A Truly A Limited Offer, So Claim Your Copy Now Before The Price Will Go Up...
Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to hearing from you soon!
Tom Shavit
This is a one-time purchase. There are NO monthly payments
Digital delivery via secure member's area page/by email.
You'll Receive Your Order Instantly Even If It's 3:00 A.M!
Here’s What People Are Saying:
Frequently Asked Questions
"Does Affiliate Marketing is also known as MLM or multi-layered marketing?"
Absolutely no.

Many people get confused because of the name, but there is no connection between Affiliate Marketing and MLM.
The differences are, among other things that Affiliate Marketing does not talk to anyone on the phone, we are not sales people, we want to work on big numbers and make a lot of money.

Affiliate Marketing does not require sales skills, speech skills in front of an audience, one-on-one persuasion, recruiting marketers below us (pyramid), purchasing goods in advance (or in general) and/or recruiting/selling to friends and family.

Affiliate Marketing is done in front of the computer, and we market someone else's products (with permission and commission payment). That means we do not have to deal with storage, forwarding, suppliers, customer service or nothing. Just produce the initial referral and pick up our commission.

I saw some products online that are Affiliate Marketing with MLM -> you should stay as far as you can from them.

"I recently heard about a lot of ways to make money online, like eBay and Amazon.
Why is it better for me Affiliate Marketing? "
Trade in Amazon requires dealing with suppliers, ordering goods in advance in large quantities and more. 

This is a very specific method, which Amazon is burdening with more and more difficulties, and competition is increasing thanks to all the courses in the field.

In eBay, the situation is similar (though not exactly the same).

In Affiliate Marketing, on the other hand, it is possible to start with a negligible investment, or even for those who make an effort - without any financial investment at all.

When setting a business on Amazon or eBay you rely on their terms & conditions, and their website structure. They can change the rules and get thousands of people out of the game.

Affiliate Marketing is a wide area where you do not rely on one or two companies that can change the rules, this is an area where for decades tens of hundreds of thousands of partners joined without eroding the market.

In Affiliate Marketing, you can decide if you want to concentrate on a fraction of the effort of trading in Amazon - instead of producing, branding, pricing and trying to market it, we work with existing products that are already well sold and successful, and only bring customers to our commission. 

No need to talk to anyone, take care of customer service, storage, forwarding, vendors or anyone.
"What are the drawbacks of Affiliate Marketing? "
Less control than your own product.

If you already have a successful Amazon product, you have the control over pricing and your entire profit remains.
In Affiliate Marketing we receive a commission that is a percentage from the product or already calculated fund rate.

Of course, it does not bother to make a lot of money.
"If you are so successful, Why do you have to teach and sell it? "
There are several reasons for this but the main one is: 


I'm an ex-military officer and guiding soldiers (students in that case) is something that give me a tremendous satisfaction.
When I see students' results and receive thank-you notes, I feel proud.

Also, there is a huge lack of satisfaction in keeping everything you do in secrecy. 
I'm not afraid of sharing, I am a transparent & honest person.

Tom, is there any support/help/escort?
"Tom, is there any support/help/escort?"
It is important to understand that the eBook includes the content and there are also links with a password to posts with content. 
If you need any support/help/escort, me and more members will be available in The Success Team Group On Facebook.
"Does the program suit me?"
I can almost certainly say yes

However, in order not to rely solely on my non-objective opinion, I have a full responsibility that allows you to test the program for 60 full days, and if it does not work for you, send an email, and get a refund and keep the materials.
"What are the minimum system requirements for the program? "
The eBook is in PDF format meaning, you can open it with: 

Any browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera and etc.
Software such as Foxit Reader, Adobe, Microsoft Office.
You can open it with your smartphone, tablet and smart TV.

The total pages inside the eBook are 86 pages with links to "membership" posts (website).

System requirements are: Computer for the beginning - after gaining the knowledge it can be done from your smartphone/tablet. 
"What are the skills needed for Affiliate Marketing? "
Skills: if you know how to use a Word and surf the online web, that would be enough. 
"How much money can you expect to do in affiliate marketing? "
Hard to say, it varies from person to person and relies on a lot of parameters.

Once you have the accurate knowledge , basically I say that the sky is the limit.
I know people that are making $500,000 a month.

I've analyzed Affiliate Marketing companies (include in the eBook), that their net worth is over $10 million dollars.
Still Have Questions?
Send me an email at: tom(at)
P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

I'm giving you a 86 page eBook, "The Ultimate Guide To Making Money Online" (with a ton of value & knowledge) + membership website passwords for only $97.

There's not catch... no gimmicks...

You will get a step by step guide...

With examples of huge companies using The Formula...

Extra Tools to free up your time...

If fact, if you don't love the eBook - I'll refund 100% of the cost, and you keep the eBook materials.

So, Click the button below to get your eBook now. You won't regret it.
This is a one-time purchase. There are NO monthly payments
Digital delivery via secure member's area page/by email.
You'll Receive Your Order Instantly Even If It's 3:00 A.M!
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