Last Updated on May 31th, 2018
ClickMagick is a new tracking service that has just been launched into the marketplace in 2014. 

ClickMagick is a click tracker, rotator and link manager software company.

So you can track and optimize all your marketing, all in one place.
Some Of ClickMagick Features
You are able to place a conversion pixel and track your opt-ins, sales, up-sells and so on. 

Also, if you need additional pixels to track other revenue metrics, you can do that as well. 
ClickMagick allows you to split test different links by placing them into a rotator. 

You can of course set the rotator to favour a certain URL or just set it at 50-50 so you can do a proper A/B split test.
On every click, we as Internet Marketers must control:
  •  All of our ads, promotions, or other sources of traffic.
  • Our CTR and Sales Conversion Rates.
  • Our ROI for each individual source of traffic.
From where we get the traffic, all the way to the conversion.

By knowing all the stats, in each and every step, we can see the system real performance.
ClickMagick shows exactly where the traffic is coming from and breaks it down to Tier1, Tier2 and Tier3 traffic. 

On top of that, it gathers all the data from the traffic source and punches out a Quality Score for your traffic. 

The quality score is indicative of how good the traffic really is.
A Software Made by Affiliates for Affiliates!
ClickMagick actually has 19 different features built into their platform:
  • Dynamic Affiliate Links
  •  Automatic Traffic Quality Analysis
  •  MagicBars & MagicPops
  •  Timers
  •  Automatic “Bot” Filtering
  •  GEO And Mobile Targeting
  •  Easily Track Entire Sales Funnels
  •  Intelligent Split Testing & Rotators
  •  Geotargeting/Mobile Optimization
  •  Add Retargeting To Any Link
  •  And more!
They are putting their heart on giving you the best link tracking you can get for a low price.
The techniques that let you track your conversions
There are 3 techniques to receive statistics from vendors offers:
Tracking Pixel (code or image)
Postback URL
Sub ID
And ClickMagick lets you use all of them.
Magic Bar allow you to put a banner on top/bottom on any site you want (even if you don't own that site). . . 

With a clickable button (link), and also with timer if you want.

MagickBars are great for things like ...
  • Offering a bonus on an affiliate page
  •  Highlighting something on your own site
  •  Prominently displaying links on any page
  •  Grabbing the users attention with audio
  •  Creating urgency with a countdown timer
  •  Building your list with an opt-in form
Unlike pop ups, MagickBars stick around unless the user closes them (if you allow them to) …
Intelligent Countdown Timers
ClickMagick offers two types of timers …
“Evergreen” and “Date-Based.”
"Date-Based" timers should be pretty self-explanatory – you simply enter some date in the future and the timer will count down for all users to that date and time.

You’d use this if you wanted to make a special offer that had to expire on a specific day and time.

“Evergreen” timers on the other hand are “dynamic”, meaning they’re customized for each user.
What's even more awesome
Adding a timer to your MagickPops and MagickBars!
ClickMagick Guide
To learn more regarding tracking your conversions, check the ClickMagick guide.

Their guide is one of the most valuable guides I’ve ever read - SERIOUSLY!
If you need further help, they have an awesome support team.
Domain Cloaking. . . 
ClickMagick solves the problem with your ugly tracking link with your domain.

Here’s an example for Affiliate URL:

And Cloaked URL:

Which looks more accepted and less deterrent.
Affiliate Link Changes. . .
A situation can occur where the affiliate program with which you work with has changed their content or even the entire platform. . .
This can then change your affiliate link with whom you market with, to something else.

For example:


Using a link tracking software, you do not have to worry that the custom tracking affiliate link you gave to everyone will stop working, because the company has decided to change their program or platform.

You will continue to use the same custom link you created with a Magic click .

And simply replaces the old affiliate link with the new one.
ClickMagick pricing:
Or save 30% with a yearly plan!
Final Thoughts
I’ve actually tried many different tracking services and I’ve got to say the special features within ClickMagick really makes it stand out. 

On top of that the pricing for this tracking service is actually very cheap compared to some other tracking services out there.

They offer a 14-day free trial, so you can test out all the features and see how it works for you.
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