Last Updated on Aug 17th, 2017
ClickFunnels is a software company and was entirely self-funded, a $360 million dollar SaaS (Software as a service).

There is already:
  •  44k+ ClickFunnels Users
  •  184+ Million Email Opt-ins
  •  1,750,000+ Funnels Created
  •  $447+ Million in Sales
It’s been running since 2014 and here I will show you the inside of what ClickFunnels is offering.
ClickFunnels lets you build your entire online business with ease. 

Unlike other software companies that let you build a single stand alone page, ClickFunnels is designed to let you control the all process from the moment traffic get to your landing page all the way to the sale and afterward the OTO (your one time offer, upsells, downsells).

That process is called a funnel.

A simple Lead Generation Funnel might consist of 2 pages:

- Collects the visitor’s address (phone, email and etc.)
- Sends them to a thank you page after they signed up.
ClickFunnels allow you to create the above and even more complicated funnels easily.
For example:

Sales Page Funnel – Create this funnel to sell products and services, with the ability to add any upsells/downsells to your sales process.
Product launch Funnel – With this funnel, you can build up anticipation for your new product by giving away free videos before you launch the product. 

This funnel lets you build a “buzz” and sell a high-ticket product.
Also, ClickFunnels lets you create a webinar funnels, membership sites, and custom funnels.
First Time ClickFunnels
When signing up the first page you’ll get:
The On-boarding Bribe:
- Introduction
- How To Create A Funnel
- How To Edit Pages & AR Service
- Funnel Hacking Mastery (lesson).

While these overview videos prepare you for how to use ClickFunnels at the end you get a free T-shirt, yay!
ClickFunnels Gifts
  •  When creating your ClickFunnels account you get the free Ignite Your Funnel Awesome Training Program by Russell Brunson.
  •  You Get 6 Pre-Built ‘Funnel-In-A-Box’ Templates. An already made funnels to quickly start your web pages.
  • And some more bribe gifts from ClickFunnels.
Creating Pages (Funnels)
To create pages click on the “Funnels” category.
You can enter to a funnel or create a new one.
When clicking the “Add New” you get to choose between:
- Collect Emails (or other information)
- Sell Your Product
- Host Webinar
- Create a Custom Funnel
And then, you can choose an already made template or create from blank.
The page builder is very simple and fun to work with (no coding needed).
With ClickFunnels page builder you have:

- Easy navigation
- Option to Create a Pop-up
- Preview as a user
- Chat support at the bottom right/left
- Mobile preview
- Easy SEO menu
- Simple Drag & Drop Boxes
Want to see ClickFunnels in action?
Watch this ClickFunnels demo:
Easy Email Automation - Actionetics
Create An Action Funnel And Add The Message You Want, Sent Out With Actionetics 

See What Actionetics Is
Watch This Short Video Now!
What If You Already Have Email Service
If you already have a huge email list and you want to continue using the 3rd party software.
Email Integrations (*no need if you’ll use ClickFunnels Actionetics):
There is an integration for 3rd Party Email Applications, such as:

Constant Contact API
Webinar Jam Studio
Tracking & Split Testing Your Pages
ClickFunnels lets you track how each page in your funnel performs.

For every page you can see in real time:

- The total number of visitors for each page in the funnel
- How many visitors clicked on the next button of the page
- The conversion rate
You can open a graph showing your stats over a specified time period.
Split testing is essential for helping you optimize the conversion rate of your funnels.
ClickFunnels uses a CDN (Content Delivery Network) of Cloudflare and Amazon.

What it does are 2 main things.

The first one is it gives you the ability to enable SSL to your webpages.
SSL is a security layer for your webpages with the protocol of https.

This Security Services protect and secure Internet applications and APIs against denial-of-service attacks, customer data compromise, and abusive bots.

That makes search engines rank your webpages higher in the organic ranking (Google and other search engines love secure webpages).

And it lets you take payments straight for your webpages (no need to go to other secure page for receiving credit cards payment), because your visitors/prospects don't have to worry from any theft.
The second and not less important is that a CDN lets you work globally.

What is a CDN?

Play the Video below for a short explanation:
So a CDN eventually makes our webpages load faster and anywhere in the world.
ClickFunnels pricing:
$97 for the Standard program

$297 for the Etison Elite (Full Suite) program
The Standard Program
On this plan, you get access to all the funnel creation tools, but you are limited to creating 20 funnels, 100 pages, and 20,000 visitors.
Etison Elite
It includes everything, including Actionetics and Backpack.

Also, you get unlimited funnels, pages, and visitors.

Both plans have the 14 days trial, so you can test everything out before you buy.
Final Thoughts
Without ClickFunnels you were needed:
- Host + CDN + SSL – approx. $100/mo (for shared host ~8000 visitors)
- Page Builder – approx. $47-$100/mo (depends on the software)
- Email Marketing Platform – $20-$225/mo (1000-30,000 contacts)
- Extra features – extra money and software to handle.

When scaling up (really quick) those services will cost a lot more.

Also, you'll want the most stable software in the market - ClickFunnels is handling over 2 million funnels and gives you everything in one package.

This review page was built using ClickFunnels.

I recommend you to try out ClickFunnels

They offer a 14-day free trial, so you can test out all the features and see how it works for you.
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