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Tom is an Israeli entrepreneur, started his journey in the middle of 2016.

Since then, he have learned to master traffic, lead generation, sales conversions, and consulting other start-ups.
About Me
And Why You Should Not Be Here
Hi, I'm Tom Shavit and thank you for checking my about page.

It's a bit weird but typically when an about page is written, it's written as a third person wrote it. . . 

But in reality, it is written by the owner of the site.

After I tried writing in third person to sound a lot smarter, I decided to stop and write this page the same as I am talking to a friend.

Well, in that case. . . you are.

So, what would you like to know about me?

I'm 25 years old, living in Israel, started my Online Business in 2016.

I'm an ex-military combat officer. Traveled New Zealand & Philippines.

But that's not the reason you are here for. . . am I right?

You probably wonder. . .

Is this guy worth my time and energy?

For many people, the answer is NO.
Here Is Why
I can't give you a get rich quick magic button
There is a feeling that with the power of the Internet you can get rich fast by clicking some buttons. . . 

You can reach anyone you want and get rich from it overnight...

Well I get it. That's what drove me to start my online adventure.

I saw people waving with their exotic cars online, and thought to myself: "if they did it, why can't I?"

I thought I'll post some links everyday and I will make passively hundreds of thousands every month.

Well, turned out it has to be more than publishing some links. . .

Nowadays, I do have consistent revenue coming in every day.
But, it took lots of studying, focusing, taking action, and of course persistence.

So, if you aren't prepared to fully commit to learn and take action with my guidance. . . I'm not what you're looking for. 
Time Is Saint
Money Comes & Goes
No, I'm not saying that money isn't important.

Money is a tool, a tool should be used the same way as you play monopoly (yes, the board game).

You probably saw posts and ads on "how to make money without investing a dime. . ." and "how I manipulate YouTube to pay me monthly" and all kind of hypes to engage you to check them out.

Does it really work?

Maybe for a short time period. You'll have to maintain it day by day and work ton of hours for making a small profit (which is time spent).

I believe your time is saint, I don't want you to waste your time.

My guidance involve investing and working smart. 

I do believe that hustling smart is better than working long hours.

If you want to spend time, I suggest you to play video games, it's much more fun.
Knowledge Is Key
Gain It & Profit From It
As I already told you, I can't give you a magic button for making money online.

And if you are still looking for it, I can't help you, even if I want to.

See, by asking "what's the fastest way", I actually hear you saying "I'm not fully invested in my own business. . . therefore I'm not fully invested in my clients success".

Which, in fact says: "I don't want to work".

Making money online doesn't have to be hard, it's the lack of knowledge that makes it hard.

And that's why I'm here, to give you the knowledge.

Be hungry to learn, take action, eventually that's the key.
After All Been Said
You're still here? Great.
What You Can Expect From Me
A Step by step guide you can use towards building the online business empire you want for free. . . and usually followed by selling a package as a premium program of my knowledge.

Yep, you read it right.

I just told you flat out that you'll receive sale packages from me.

And why would I hide that from ya?

Well, you see, I'm a Marketing Expert, I make money by selling stuff.

The idea is that you'll say my free stuff helps you out, and you'll consider buying my premium packages.

Just like that!

So, I'll try to sell you something, and I'm not ashamed because of 2 reasons:

1. My free content shows in top view what can be done online to earn money so you can use that immediately.

2. My premium programs will deliver valuable content including strategies and tactics for your Online Business.
How To Know If My Programs Worth It?
In order for you to know that is by checking my free content.

If you like it - you'll probably will want some more.

If you didn't like it - you won't.

So, now it's time for my first sale pitch to you.

Go ahead and join my free email sequence down below.

Thanks for reading this page and get to work!
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